11 days later

So is the way with the NHS – nothing goes to plan does it?

11 days later than planned I finally get to pick-up my treatment from the chemist. This should have happened 11 days ago – when I turned up on the 5th of January to get my prescription. They told me it could take up-to another month as they had not received the letter – I was mortified. I had built myself up for that one moment.

A week later a letter from the hospital arrived asking me to see the specialist again. I’m not going to lie this freaked me out. I text one of my best friends for reassurance, as I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to sleep for worrying over what it could mean. I spent that evening awake, mulling over what it could be – is this the reason that the prescription wasn’t ready for me?

The next day I spoke to the secretary to the specialist who had to check a few things and get back to me. The first thing that they told me was that the letter had been faxed to the GP, sadly they admitted they had sent it to the wrong one & that they would send it on immediately to the right one. Then I asked about the letter – and they said that it was a clerical oversight as the specialist wanted me to try the treatment for about 4 months to see if anything improves with my condition.

I had to wait another couple of days for the GP (the right one) to write up the prescription and on Friday 13th 2012 I was able to collect it on my way to work. I was really excited to think that I would be able to start using it on the Saturday. Not happening! It would appear that the drug used is not something that’s prescribed often so most chemists have to order it in. So I have spent most of the weekend researching the changes ahead – most of which appear daunting.

There are a lot of scary videos on YouTube featuring people with gender issues taking Testosterone – this is not the reason that I am taking it. I’m happy to confirm that I have what I was meant to have – just missed out on a few other genes that give you muscles, body hair, focus, energy and libido.

From the research that I have done it would appear that I will notice change within a week of taking it;

  • increase in appetite
  • increase in muscular mass
  • change in body shape – shoulders broad & hips narrower
  • more energy – able to do more activity and not feel that lull that I often feel during the day
  • increase in libido – x 10 (One wish – purely in the name of science; that my ex-girlfriend would like to take a test drive to see if anything has changed – doubtful!!)

I’ll be reporting back this evening if I notice any differences in my day-to-day and then a follow-up soon after – wish me luck… I guess!


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