T… Wolf!

So I have been on the ‘T’ for about four days now. I didn’t really expect to feel different in such a short space of time – but there is definitely something happening – something really good!

I can only link the changes in myself to a film that happens to be one of my favourites from my childhood era – Teen Wolf.

T Wolf

In my case I am ‘T Wolf’. I never expected any of this – hair is starting to appear in places where it wasn’t present at all and I’m starting to feel VERY different in myself. In the film Scott discovers that puberty for him means turning into a werewolf at rather random times – and during this time he also becomes a top-notch Basketball player. I’m not by any means turning into a werewolf nor do I feel like I could have a career change and become the next Luol Deng – I do however feel more confident and my everyday focus on getting things done is improving!

So what is different other than Tony appearing on my chest? Who is Tony – Tony (only) the one hair – that’s how it starts. One leads to another and so on and so forth. My appetite is more than it was – I’m getting the urge to eat a lot more! I feel like my energy level is through the roof. I am waking up much earlier than before at around 06:30am (probably normal for everyone else) and doing chores before work. WTF – chores?? Yes – it’s bonkers!

Oh and before I forget to mention it – I now have to wear glasses all the time – this is an unrelated change! More of a ‘just in-case’ you happen to see the ‘T Wolf’ surfin’ USA on the top of a van through the wild streets of Guildford then this is really me…



Finally remember that scene from Teen Wolf where it’s the house party and Scott ends up in the cupboard with Boof? & he gets an uncontrollable urge… I appear to feel the urge more so than I did before! Except I don’t own a cupboard and there is no Boof 🙁

I will be creating some form of video to document my experiences – they will not be voyeuristic of me applying the gel! Just some thoughts about the transformation – probably not like this either;

Are wolves nocturnal?