3 A.M. Eternal!

I’ve been thinking about writing a follow-up post to the last post I did as lots of interesting things have happened to me since then. I’m now starting my 4th bottle of treatment – so I’ve done 65 days or so now and there are some massive changes happening that I never even accounted for. Before I get into the details of these changes I wanted to talk about what happened following on from Kevin or Perry?

The last post was rather emotive as I had been going through quite a lot of changes – I also had to write about going to visit the genetic specialist and express my feelings and thoughts on that. I post links to my blog on Facebook so that my friends and family can read the latest news – I never expected anything like what happened following the post to happen. Never in a million years – I am very happy it did.

Firstly some of YOU spoke to me and asked me about my blog and the treatment and how it was going – I rated that. Secondly I got a hug from someone in the office who said they read my blog all the time and felt I deserved a hug – I rated that too. It was out-of-the-blue yet it was a very nice hug so if you are the ‘hug’ person and you are reading this thanks, you made my morning. Third and finally I was minding my own business in the kitchen at work making a delicious protein shake (something I’ll touch on later) when someone approached me and asked me directly about my condition and the treatment. I had been used to speaking that day to people about the blog and the reasons for writing it so I didn’t mind speaking openly to this person in a bit more detail. I’m so glad that I did. It transpired that this person (who I won’t name) has a condition that involves Testosterone replacement therapy and that they have been taking it for a number of years.

I instantly felt relief as we joked about becoming the T-Wolf , the feelings that you get when your ‘peaking’ and the rush of emotions that you face daily. For a moment I thought; ‘hang on just a minute’ – there is someone I have inspired to open up and talk to me about my condition and share with me that they know what I’m talking about. It’s the only time I will thank Facebook for delivering my blog to a wider audience and I want to thank that person directly for talking to me – thanks you made me feel awesome!

In a bold attempt to get myself looking good again following on from a rather depressing & emotive February I decided to undergo some radical dietary changes. I read at length a number of sports sites that talk directly to building muscle mass and tone. I always thought to myself whilst I was growing up that even though I did sport (not that I liked it) I never seemed to be able to grow muscles in my arms and my legs and around the mid section like my peers.

So I am now drinking a protein based drink at breakfast and at lunchtimes mixed with a small amount of cardio work out and a lot of weights and I am seeing some massive changes already. My arms and my chest feel bigger and I believe it’s down to a combination of drinking the protein shakes, being sensible about eating, working out and that magical pot of ‘T’. I read an interesting article about Rampage Jackson (he played Mr. T in the A-Team reboot) saying he was using ‘T’ as a way to boost his recovery time and also as a performance enhancer. It was something along the lines that he was rated about 600 on the testosterone scale and his competitors were naturally 1100. Apparently he wanted a slice of the action so looked to his medical advisor and was given ‘T’. I find it both amusing and ironic that he was playing a character called Mr. T!!!

Rampage Jackson

Well Mr. T it appears to work for you – I can confirm that it is working for me too! I questioned whether or not its cheating – I guess if my body naturally doesn’t produce Testosterone then I’m entitled to give it a go and reap the benefits at the same time. I hear what you are thinking – ‘Dan you are still fat around the midsection’. That is true although that is down to drinking beer and this wolf is on a mission to lean up! So I’m going to be taking a hard look at the way I drink. A random ‘Tuesday’ night drinking session occurred this week and I noticed some other changes that you probably normally wouldn’t see in the daylight. A point I’ll talk about in detail later on.

Lets talk changes. I have been thinking long and hard about whether or not to write about some of these changes in my blog and share it with a wide audience. I don’t want people to think that I am a freak yet on the flip side I don’t want to keep this to myself – it’s a big deal.

Remember I talked about ‘Tony’ the one haired wonder? Since then… 65 days later – Tony has friends. Lots of friends – as you can see from this photo they have multiplied and I have thus named them Tony’s army.

Tony's Army

I’m not sure I like them – they are making ground up towards my chest and I can see little hair holes appearing which can only mean one thing  – hair-festation!

I’ve watched a lot of videos online about people reporting their progress with ‘T’ something that is apparent in all the videos is acne. I appear to be getting more spots than I have ever had. Using the ‘T’ makes the skin very oily not quite sure why this happens and hopefully it will settle down. The acne is just in the area where I haven’t had facial hair so it could be down to the fact that when I shave I’m either A) I’m not doing it correctly or B) it’s a skin reaction to the razer blade. I’ve decided to ease off on the shaving and see what growth I get – I would however like to recommend ‘King of Shaves’ Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil shaving gel. It’s clear and doesn’t foam so you can actually see what you are doing and makes your skin feel awesome afterwards! 🙂

I mentioned earlier about cutting back on the drink in a bid to lean up and get my body to a condition of fitness that it’s never seen before. I’m going to give it a good go and more reason to than ever before after the events that unfolded on Tuesday evening. I went out with my friend for a ‘quick’ drink after work and it turned into an all night session leading to a sore head the next day and a feeling of shame and disgust on my part for some of the things that I did L Normally when I go out drinking I’m one of these people who is a happy drinker – I’ll get annihilated and silly and usually there is a tale to tell afterwards but I will never be aggressive, abusive or otherwise. That’s what I thought – I’ve never experienced anything like what I experienced on Tuesday evening. Someone managed to annoy me – I can’t quite remember what he said to me but he really managed to press the buttons so much so the wolf turned into a rage machine and for the first time in my life EVER… I stood up to someone and rather aggressively told them to get out of my drinking space. I never ever EVER do that. I have never behaved that way before. It got to the point where the person that had annoyed me left the venue – I felt bad afterwards and it made me think that I don’t want to see that side of me again. In addition to this my cognitive functions broke down (this is normal behavior) and I managed to insult someone that I really care about and frankly speaking still love – if you are reading this I am very sorry 🙁

I’m sat up in bed at 03:07 writing this blog post. I’ve been writing since 02:00 so I thought it would be fitting to call it 3 A.M. Eternal as it speaks to change number four – Insomnia. It’s a weird feeling, I get in from work make something to eat and chill out on the sofa catching up on pre-recorded TV. Switching off the TV around midnight I get ready for bed and find myself not being able to drift off and go to sleep. Then ‘it’ happens – no I don’t go to sleep, there is some activity that just won’t disappear making my sleep deprivation issue worse.

I think over the past 4 days I’ve had about 2-3 hours of sleep a night if that. If I was lying next to a beautiful understanding woman I’m sure it would have an interesting outcome. Sadly I’m lying in a half-empty bed with thoughts of previous encounters racing through my head and the need to relieve oneself.

You probably think that I am complaining as most men my age probably would trade places. I spoke to a close man friend about this and I asked him if it happened to him or if it was just me – it would appear that it happened at a time but not as frequent and never caused him to lose sleep unless of course there was that beautiful woman lying next to him. I’m hoping that when I have a week off next week I can take a trip to the doctors and discuss this amongst some of the other challenges and also to see if there is an update on the counseling and if I can be referred privately.

This is the biggest change that I have noticed and it’s something I have wondered if I write about it or not. It’s a big deal and by reading it I hope that fellow Klinefelter’s Syndrome men, parents, friends & partners can understand more about the discovery of how the treatment positively affects our bodies.

I’ve had the experience of being in two very loving relationships. One that lasted about nine years that started from university and the other that recently ended that lasted for about four years. During this time you get to know your lover – you get to know what they like and what they don’t like and equally they get to know about you. In the back of my mind I always wondered the reasons for their departure and why they fell out of love with me – what is so different about me?

Well that question has been answered through the discovery of the Klinefelter’s Syndrome and the effects that it has had on my life – the way that I feel as a person – the way that I make others feel and my ability to love and be loved.

I’m naturally a sensitive guy who often is on the receiving end of raw human emotion and that is something that inspires me to write. I’d like to think that I am passionate about love and life and the people that allow me to love them. So you are wondering what this has got to do with change – and seeing that I have meandered off course with my writing I’m trying to think of the best way to frame this up so that I don’t make myself look like a freak!

The point I’m trying to make is that even with some of the challenges I have faced I managed to hold onto and enjoy loving relationships. What I didn’t realise was that until now I wasn’t enjoying those relationships like I probably should have done. I never felt certain sensations like I probably should have done and my interest/libido probably wasn’t where it should have been in respect to my partners and their previous encounters.

Now after 65 days of treatment this all appears to have changed as the person who spoke to me at work put it – as soon as you start to take the treatment you will feel a ‘sexual high’ including the notable early morning blood rush as mentioned in the previous change. The intensity and duration of certain sensations is dramatically different and then this made me wonder – is this normality?

I spoke to one of my previous encounters and she asked me directly if I was sure it’s down to the treatment and if I ever faked the sensations whilst I was with her. It’s not about faking it and it’s not about that person either – as I had felt the same through all of my sexual encounters. Don’t get me wrong the experiences that I have had were great – but take that level of greatness and add a x 100 multiplier to it and well – mind blown! I did some research online and found that several guys had reported improvements after taking the ‘T’ – talk about a performance boost Mr. T!!!

Final thoughts…