Ich bin Ihnen sehr dankbar

I’ve just come back from a week working away at a games convention in Cologne, Germany called Gamescom. So I thought it fitting that I title this blog “Ich bin Ihnen sehr dankbar”. This translates as “I am very grateful!”

I am extremely grateful to everyone who has supported me in setting up my project to help others like me. Two months ago I decided to stop being depressed and do something that would really make a difference to the lives of others – channeling all of my energy into an awareness campaign and raise some (£) pounds in the process.

I managed to raise $745 of my $20,000 target mostly through the kind generosity of friends, colleagues and received many pledges of support from the community that surrounds me in my job & for that I am extremely grateful.

These people all deserve a special mention:

Ryan Sheridan
Jun Yoshino
Michelle Dewhurst
Lee Williams
Hannah Kitson
John Sylvester
Keith Pape
Stephanie McAreavy
Nick Silversides
James Dean
Kieran Semrau
Tom Wallis
Richard Burley
Nye Davies
Mark Reid
Anonymous (Thank you secret person!)

So what happens now? I’m working with a designer to produce a new information booklet about the condition that I hope to send out soon. I’m planning a fundraising evening to celebrate the launch of the charity & my new book – “Living with the X”. I’m in talks with various publications to do features on the condition & I am planning a London to Paris cycle ride with the aim of raising more funds to sustain the charity ongoing. It’s looking like the end of March/April 2013 and I would really love for you to join in — comment below if you are interested!

You can keep up-to date with the project by following me on twitter as @project47xxy & watch my video blogs on Vimeo here – please don’t stop sharing these videos, and if you happen to have any “celeb friends – as I know some of you do – ask them to do a cheeky tweet… I’ll make them a bacon sandwich & a good northern cup of tea! :D”